Monday, February 06, 2012

Loretta Caponi Linen

Hand-embroidered linens are a weakness of mine, but in my opinion, it's not a temptation to which I mind succumbing. My lack of restraint has resulted in some great additions to my linen closet including a set of beautiful embroidered floral cocktail napkins from Paris. As far as I see it, it's not a such a bad problem to have.

Recently, I've become intrigued by the linen of Florence, Italy based Loretta Caponi, whose reputation for fine embroidery is known the world over. Along with her daughter, Caponi runs her eponymous linen shop that specializes in hand embroidered table and bed linen, lingerie, and baby clothes. Thank goodness for Caponi and others like her (Leron comes to mind) who are keeping the tradition of hand embroidery alive. It, like so many other crafts, is a dying art.

And because I couldn't resist, I also included a few photos of Caponi's christening gowns and children's dress clothes. If I had a son, I would be mighty tempted to dress him in that Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit- if I knew he wouldn't be traumatized, of course.

All photos from Loretta Caponi's website.


  1. I LOVE Loretta Caponi!! Her store in Florence is magnificent as is her work. I don't know of anyone who imports her linens here do you?

  2. Q- I just found out a few minutes ago that Leta Austin Foster carries part of the line. Hope that helps!

  3. Embroidery = Loretta Caponi. Just the best!

  4. Thatchcote11:51 AM

    I'm im love!!! That lingerie! Those hostess gowns!! Ah, the life I WISH I was living!

  5. Looks like a beautiful store...maybe just as pretty as the linens.

  6. What a great post about an art that is certainly fadding away dahhling! beautiful.