Friday, October 21, 2011

Christopher Norman Wallpapers

While I attended last week's Fall Market at the D&D Building, I stopped by the Zimmer + Rohde showroom to see the latest offerings from Christopher Norman. Let's just say that after seeing all of their wallpapers, I desperately want to buy a second apartment where I can paper the walls with abandon.

I feel a certain kinship with the Christopher Norman team. Like me, they mine the past for inspiration, updating it for the 21st century audience. The Christopher Norman collection includes Waterhouse Wallhangings, Inez Croom, and Thomas Strahan. These three lines were founded decades ago (in the case of Thomas Strahan it was 1886), so collectively there is quite an archive of terrific old prints. Some of the prints are of more recent vintages, while others date to the 19th c. What's so striking is that Christopher Norman has recolored many of these prints, making them look completely fresh and modern.

Take, for example, Moiré, Spider Web, and Shoot for the Moon, all part of Waterhouse Wallhangings. They are 19th c. document prints that Christopher Norman/ Waterhouse Wallhangings produced in conjunction with Historic New England. They have been reprinted in the original narrow width and repeat, but the colors make them look anything but old-fashioned. Seriously, looking at the coral colorway of Moiré (see below), would you have guessed that it's a 19th c. print?

The beauty of these papers is that if you are a historical-minded person, you'll be charmed by the lineage of these prints. And if you're history averse, well, I think you'll still be charmed.

Oh, and one more thing- I'm so glad to see that Christopher Norman still carries wallpaper borders. They seem to have fallen out of favor, but I really do think that in certain rooms and installations, borders provide the finishing touch. In fact, I'm thinking of ordering a Christopher Norman border for my bedroom.

In many of the photos below, I included multiple colorways in one shot so that you could see part of the color range. In addition to great wallpapers, Christopher Norman also produces beautiful fabrics too. Visit their website for showroom locations. If you're in Atlanta, Travis & Co. carries the line.

, Waterhouse Wallhangings through Christopher Norman

Salem Stripe, Waterhouse Wallhangings through Christopher Norman

Fauve Leopard, Christopher Norman Collection

Petite Pavillion, Inez Croom through Christopher Norman

Badminton Trellis was introduced by Christopher Norman in July of this year. (You can see it at top in a window display.) It currently comes in one colorway (off white and rose)although four additional colors will be added in January 2012.

Spider Web, Waterhouse Wallhangings through Christopher Norman

Celestial Swag, Waterhouse Wallhangings through Christopher Norman

Waterhouse Drapery, Waterhouse Wallhangings through Christopher Norman

Monuments of Paris, Inez Croom through Christopher Norman

Rice Birds, Inez Croom through Christopher Norman

Shoot for the Moon, Waterhouse Wallhangings through Christopher Norman

Honorable Bamboo, Inez Croom through Christopher Norman

An array of wallpaper borders.


  1. Metallics! Looks like we are ready for a revival of metallic wallpapers!

    In terms of decorating history, we cannot let this pass without saying that the firm Christopher Norman was cofounded by the late Kevin McNamara, a noted 20th century decorator listed in the Interior Design Hall of Fame and Architectural Digest Top 100. Before starting his own decorating firm, he worked for both McMillen and Parish-Hadley.

  2. Classicist- It's about time for a metallic comeback! And yes, that is absolutely correct that McNamara and Norman founded the firm.

  3. Regarding metallic wallpaper: so true..nothing really ever goes out of style. Just out of fashion for a while and when you have all but forgotten about it...there it is as chic as ever reinventing itself. How refreshing and reminiscent!

  4. I would love to have a room with the metallic honorable bamboo (my bedroom?) and the fauve leopard (anywhere).

  5. Fauve Leopard also comes in a coordinating fabric.

  6. Your website is...positively evil to my pocketbook : I feel like redecorating our entire chateau!

  7. Fabulous! I LOVE all of them, especially the Leopard, Petite Pavilion and Rice Birds...;--)