Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Duarte Pinto Coelho in the Country

Last week's post on Duarte Pinto Coelho's Madrid home generated a lot of enthusiastic response. It seems that quite a few of you are as taken with his work as I. Fortunately for those of us who can't get enough of the late Portuguese designer, I found old photos of his country home in Trujillo, Spain. Published in Architectural Digest Country Homes (1982), the home, built and designed by Coelho, is elegant, layered, and comfortable- just as his Madrid home was. I wonder if Coelho simply refreshed these interiors throughout the years, or if he embarked on a major overhaul from the time it was published in 1982 to last year when he died. Does anybody know?

The Living Room. The 18th c. Chinese wallpaper once hung in the home of Sir Walter Scott. The kilim rugs and mix of prints adds some exoticism, and yet it's still a very refined room.

Coelho's collection of marquetry objects and a close-up of the gorgeous wallpaper.

Another view of the living room.

The dining room/kitchen. Notice the charming blue and white tile around the doors.

The master bath with more beautiful tile.

Coelho's bedroom. Neapolitan gouaches surround the headboard.

The pool at Coelho's villa.

All images from Architectural Digest Country Homes, Jose Luis Perez photographer.


  1. the interior is so amazing! it looks really old but well kept. very elegant!:)

  2. His home is astounding. The art collection hung everywhere is gorgeously curated.

    Thank you for sharing Jennifer.


    Art by Karena

  3. Anonymous9:02 AM

    The images are not of his residence :-(, his Trujillo´s home was a former monastery, he show it in ¡Hola! magazine , I have got that number if you want that pictures I´ll send you, at internet I could see these few to see the difference:


    And sorry for my english but is...¡¡¡CAÑON!!!

  4. Anon- Thank you for the links to the photos. He must have moved to a different home since these photos were taken. The one featured here was his home in 1982. He obviously moved on to someplace a bit more grand!

  5. @NathanielBrooks9:29 AM

    Beautiful! Thank you for this inspiring post.

  6. Unfortunately and as a portuguese i just regret Duarte Pinto Coelho had no portuguese artists at home -almost of all are good spanish artists : i think only exception for his portrait in bathroom at Madrid apartment. Just finish reading the Christie's catalogue edited last month. Cheers.

  7. Well, again, lightning has struck and I thank you whole-heartedly for introducing me to a true artistic force that I would not have found otherwise. Very, very inspiring--I will be looking at these for days and days.

    If you ever find any more, please don't hesitate!

  8. Pulo- I really do need to buy a copy of the catalogue for myself!

  9. I love this home and the fine country antiques and art collections. The numerous gouaches of Vesuvius are worth a small fortune. The reflectors on the fireplace mantel are fantastic. Thanks for highlighting Pinto Coelho--a light has definitely gone out in the design world. Mary

  10. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Another sensational antidote to those boring beige on white on beige interiors.
    This makes my heart sing. I could move into those rooms in a heartbeat.

    Thank you for these posts. Good to know there is a kindred soul out there.

  11. The house in the Christies catalog is in Trujillo. It previously belonged to Marylou Whitney, and Pinto Coelho decorated it for her.