Monday, June 06, 2011

Shopping at Ainsworth-Noah

A few weeks ago, I spent a blissful hour wandering through the Ainsworth-Noah showroom at ADAC while pining over most of what I saw. (In case you're not familiar with them, Hal Ainsworth and Winton Noah founded their ADAC showroom years ago.) You see, I have never visited their showroom without finding something that I couldn't live without. I believe that what I'm most drawn to is the way in which they mix the new "stuff" with the old. They carry lines like Nancy Corzine, Jasper/Michael S. Smith, Ironies, Cameron Collection, and Vaughan, as well as fabric and wallpaper collections including Bennison, de Gournay, Victoria Hagan, Rose Tarlow, and Robert Kime, just to name a few. But amongst these collections you'll find a great antique lamp, old porcelain, or some other interesting piece that Hal and Winton have purchased during their travels abroad.

What's funny is that as I started writing this post, I realized that all of my photos summarize everything that I love in design: Chinoiserie; Greek Key; tortoise; painted furniture; blue and white porcelain; and the arrow motif. It seems that Hal and Winton are just as enthusiastic about these things as I!

I did not take photos of all of the amazing fabrics and wallcoverings that Ainsworth-Noah carry because that is a post in and of itself. Visit their showroom or website to see the full range of lines that they represent. Or, you can telephone them at (800) 669-3512.

A Chinese figure by John Rosselli. His female companion sits on the opposite side of the doorway.

These antique doors have graced the entryway of the showroom for years. The faux deer head is a nice touch.

Not just any obelisk, but one with decorative painting. This one is part of a pair.

This Ironies fixture is quite stunning.

An unusual quatrefoil mirror by Mclain Wiesand.

I have been visiting these Bagues sconces at Ainsworth-Noah for a few years now. I think they are some of the most beautiful sconces that I have ever seen.

I never met a faux tortoise that I didn't like. I'm crazy for this faux tortoise drinks table by Mclain Wiesand as well as their tortoise mirror.

Yet another crystal lamp that I want! I need! for my home.

What a charming antique painted bench. I think that more people should use painted furniture in their homes.

This stool caught my eye, perhaps because of those brass paw feet.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of this vintage table with arrow legs.

We all recognize this lemon basin set by P.E. Guerin. Inspired by a set once owned by Pauline de Rothschild, Charlotte Moss had Guerin reproduce the lemon set for use in the powder room at the late, great Townhouse.

You know I love a Greek Key, especially this Greek Key basin by P.E. Guerin.

An antique faux-marbre painted column cabinet. The door handle is a small metal hand holding a bar.

One of my very favorite things at Ainsworth-Noah: this de Gournay wallpaper. Is this stunning or is this stunning?!

Blue and white is always right.

All photos copyright The Peak of Chic/Jennifer Boles


  1. The de Gournay fish wallpaper is incredibly stunning! Thanks for posting.

  2. They certain get everything right--my mouth is watering--the lighting is wonderful. Thanks. Mary

  3. HEY! You know McLain Weisand is my friend David Weisand! He's sooo talented. Thanks for featuring some of his items.


  4. Love this showroom+your blog.

  5. Hey Jennifer. Those antique doors are the same as in my living room. Mine are stripped and used as a screen, but same design.

    What a beautiful showroom.

  6. Meg- I totally did not make the connection! Thanks for making it for me!

  7. Mark- No way! I knew that I loved those doors!

  8. oh that crystal lamp! That bird sconce! That amazing shark (?!) wallpaper!

  9. I always say when I win the lottery, my entire apartment will be lit by antique bagues!

  10. Love it! Don't forget another design item to love: the trumeau mirror in the first picture. Funny, I posted about them today and that is just a lovely example of one.

  11. One of the most beautiful places to go at ADAC, I love to go and visit, in fact after ADAC,, it is hard to venture to the D&D. I am glad you got a great close up of that de gournay paper -I love that one. They have some great people working there too-always ready to jump on something for those not close by-that is one of the reasons for their lasting success no doubt. pgt

  12. jennifer i miss not working in Atlanta mainly because I miss my many visits to elegant Ainsworth-Noah it used to make my visit . They have such a superb collection of the beautiful things that make our market so fabulous --- and make it so easy to make beautiful choices --- great coverage Jennifer best Lemeau Decorators Insider .

  13. Anonymous1:20 PM

    The de Gournay carp wallpaper is incredible! I think it is called Fishes by de Gournay. Thank you for posting.

  14. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I have ordered this wallpaper for a client of mine and we are having it custom colored. When we selected it we had only seen it on the wall in the showroom and now it is everywhere! Even saw it on Million Dollar Decorators last week. The Wednesday summer lunch of pimento cheese and deviled eggs was as wonderful as the showroom!

  15. Anon- Can you believe it? Someone just informed me that he too saw it on MDD! Hard to believe. And yes, that lunch was delicious!

  16. Exquisite! You are spot on about the wallpaper!

  17. It's definitely my favorite showroom in Atlanta, besides Travis and Company-