Thursday, March 31, 2011

Color Me Good

Last Fall, I had the opportunity to spend some time with designer Amanda Nisbet and discuss her then soon-to-be-released line of lighting for The Urban Electric Co. For those of you who know Amanda or who are familiar with her work, you know that she is a designer who has never shied away from using color. Perhaps it's a result of her colorful personality, one that is bubbly, exuberant, and just plain fun. This sense of playfulness comes through in her design work, and I'm sure it was a big influence in her now newly released lighting line.

What makes this line unique is, surprise, surprise... Amanda's use of color. All of UECo.'s lights are available in a variety of standard and premium finishes and glass options. And in the case of Amanda's new line, some of the lights also come in a choice of different vivid colors like Forest Moss and Million Dollar Red. (Color matching is also possible.) It's such a great way to perk up one's walls and ceilings. I admit that when choosing fixtures for my house, I stuck to the basics: chrome and antiqued brass. But now with this new line, I finally see, um, the light of day. Leave it to Amanda to show us that lighting can also be a lot of fun, too.

For more information on Amanda's line, visit The
Urban Electric Co.'s website

in polished nickel with navy shagreen and Deep Royal paint.

Sabina in polished nickel and Forest Moss paint.

in ebony with polished nickel.

Travers in cherry and polished brass accents.

NYC wall fixture in polished nickel with Million Dollar Red accent stripe. This lamp is also available as a ceiling fixture.

Image at top: Poppy in hewn brass and Million Dollar Red paint. All images courtesy of The Urban Electric Co.


  1. I really love the deco influence of the last two pieces!

  2. Love the "Sabina" that shade of key lime is fabulous. I could see that looking just right in a powder room with an equally bright wallpaper!

  3. oh wow! amazing persimmon color of the first lantern - how fantastic on a front porch!
    xo Allison

  4. Love Amanda's colorful designs. And what a fun upbeat line!! I'll have to keep this in the files.

  5. really dig ben and travers.

  6. Great! I was looking forward to perking up my lighting choices in our online store. I'll go right over to her site.

  7. Love the Urban Electric red fixture!


  8. Lit jewelry! Fantastic! franki

  9. These are fabulous! Love them all and her use of color.