Thursday, July 16, 2009

Carleton Varney and HSN

I'm off to Tampa today to be a fly on the wall. Carleton Varney will be making his debut on HSN tomorrow, where he will be introducing his new line of home accessories. I'm going to head down there to meet Carleton and see what goes on behind the scenes at HSN . The only time I've ever been on the set of a television show was as an audience member on Jeopardy!, so I'm anxious to witness a design legend selling his collection on live TV!

Be sure to tune in to HSN tomorrow at 8am EST and 8pm-10pm EST to see Carleton's show. I'll report back on Monday, hopefully with lots of photos.

(Image at top from


  1. That is fantastic! I'm sure his line must be great, and I'm totally jealous that you will get to meet him!

    Can't wait to see your pics and read about your experience.

  2. Peak - now I am really jealous! I would love to see who goes on there behind the scenes. Lucky you!!!!

  3. How fun that you get to be there! Be sure and report in. Thanks for the "heads up." What time is it running in the am PST? 5:00 am? If not, I'll try and catch at 5pm PST.

  4. if you are actually at HSN I would love to meet you - I work at HSN.

  5. Pam, I'll be at the studio tonight for Carleton's show. Stop by if you can!