Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eduardo Garza

For those of you who have lived in Atlanta for a while, you might remember a store named Geode which sold, well, geodes. I remember walking by Geode as a child (it was, interestingly enough, located at a mall) and being mesmerized by the displays of colorful crystals and minerals. They were so shiny, so mysterious, and so flashy. OK, so the insides of the geodes were flashy; the exteriors, not so much.

Perhaps it's this early childhood fascination with quartz and stones that explains why the stuff is like catnip to me. And perhaps it's why I was excited to be introduced to the work of
Eduardo Garza. Eduardo creates sculptural pieces made from not only stones and minerals- my favorite- but also wood, eggs, and shells. (Van Day Truex always said that in design, Mother Nature is our best teacher, and Eduardo's work is testament to this.) His pieces, all hand made and sold as signed, limited editions, have caught the eye of both Bergdorf Goodman and Harrods, where his work is featured in the vignettes seen at top. In addition to being sold through both department stores, Eduardo's pieces are also available through his website.

If you're not familiar with his work, let me show you...

Citrine mounted on a gold leaf base. Far more luxe than the geodes of my childhood.

For those taken with purple, there is Amethyst mounted on a gold leaf base.

Rock Crystal on a gold base.

Fuschia stone encrusted lucite box

Fossilized wooden coasters with silver and gold leafed edging

Not all of Eduardo's work incorporates stones and wood. This handmade mask is dipped in gold.

The ostrich egg piece at top is perched on a gold leaf and malachite base with a finial handmade by Eduardo. A certain designer with the initials "AH" (and a man who is also my idol) used this piece on his designer table at the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Gala. The smaller egg at bottom is an ostrich egg dipped in gold.

Eduardo also works with anodized aluminum. I think the island coaster series is fun. The coral tray is a different take on the classic ocean motif.


  1. Wasn't the shop right across from Pella and kind of adjacent to the original small Ralph Lauren store? I'm having flashbacks to Friday night meals at Mick's :)

    The mysterious stones and minerals seem so perfect for a Peak of Chic interior!

  2. Courtney- Yes, right there across from good old Pella! It then moved into the new part at the back of the mall. This walk down memory lane makes me feel old!!!

  3. These piece are gorgeous. The gold bases make all the difference.

  4. Jennifer-I especially like the fuschia stones on the lucite box and the ostrich shells. I have always had a thing for eggshells.

  5. Love these, I have seen the crystals & rocks but just have not been able to use them in my own decor. I do like his use and presentation of the crystals!
    The coral tray is also a beauty!

  6. I fell in love with minerals, shells and corals and started incorporating them into design work a couple of years ago. Eduardo's work is amazing. So new and unique and ultimately simple---love at first sight. Thanks,

  7. This is very distinctive!

  8. I'm crazy for nature inspired (or just plain old nature) things around the home - it's become the obsessive focus of my postings lately. I never encountered the geode store, but I have very fond memories of poking around Grand Canyon gifts shops on trips and finding items like these! He does beautiful treatments of them.

  9. i LOVE these pieces, jennifer!

    the citrine is gorgeous ... and i love/want the amethyst!

  10. Anonymous4:54 PM

    This is a great Post!!! Eduardo is a truely talented young man! I'm happy to be reading about him here!

  11. The ostrich egg dipped in gold immediately catches my attention. It is one of the objects that should be featured with a black display


  12. We love Eduardo Garza! The coral tray at the bottom is our favorite!


  13. The gold bases do make all the difference, but I've bought cheap geodes for ages now. Anthropologie sold them last year with cutouts for a tea candle. I am a total nut for organic elements in a room.

    Beautiful post!

  14. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Go Eduardo...brilliant and inspired!!

  15. Hi Jennifer-


    Any of these beautiful works of art would life a room--and give it elegance and richness.

    A note on Madeleine Castaing--Randy said the ocelot carpet--a version of her style--is available through Stark, but in nylon not wool. Good luck with that.

  16. The classic coral is revisited in a summer blue, I could see this pattern in a rainbow of colors.

  17. wonderful curiosity cabinet fillers!

  18. I have always LOVED using geodes and drusys in interiors, so much so that I am now creating jewelry around them!

    Check it out-


  19. I was fortunate enough to meet Eduardo at his studio last year- what an extremely sweet and talented man!!

    Have you seen his domed pieces? They're gorgeous!