Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Doris Leslie Blau and Our Favorite Designers

I'm currently on the hunt for rugs for both my living room and dining room, and the timing couldn't be better. Why? Because Doris Leslie Blau has just introduced the new 2009 Designer Carpet Collection, and most of our favorite designers are featured. Albert Hadley, Miles Redd, Todd Romano, Markham Roberts, and 42 other designers have created modern carpet designs for this venerable company. (That's Mr. Hadley's design at top.)

I really like the range of designs. Roger Jones' carpet is very cool and elegant. Now that one would look great in my dining room, but I could also see it in a icy blue bedroom too. And the other designs? Can't you see them in living room with a Ventry Ltd. sofa, upholstered in a neutral of course, and a chrome or lucite cocktail table? I'm thinking something very Billy Baldwin. What do you think?

(The designer collection carpets are made from various materials including silk, wool, and banana-leaf fiber and come in different weaves. For more information, visit the Doris Leslie Blau website.)

Todd Alexander Romano

Markham Roberts

Miles Redd

Roger Jones of Colefax & Fowler

Veere Grenney


  1. Markham Roberts' design is my favorite I think. So much to choose from!

  2. Courtney- And there are a lot more to choose from too, but these were the ones that caught my eye!

  3. Ohhh! I love all of these . . . it's so hard to pick my favorite, but I'm going to go with the Miles Redd one. So great!

  4. Love the Colefax & Fowler rug. Beautiful colourway!

  5. Fun!

    I do like the idea of the Colefax & Fowler rug for your dining room. Great design, great color. You can't go wrong there. And the other options present a real toss up for your living room.

    Albert Hadley is an all-time favorite of mine and so classic, and that rug is stunning. I could easily see it in a living room with a Billy Baldwin sofa, but I also like the geometric patterns of the Todd Romano and the Veere Grenney rugs and the colors, particularly the Veere Grenney. The Markham Roberts rug is a smart design, but from a sheerly pratical viewpoint, I would be concerned about the fringe on the ends unraveling in a vacumn cleaner if your housekeeper wasn't paying attention. But if I wanted it, I certainly wouldn't let that stop me from selecting what I love. And it is wonderful.

    Tough call, but great choices! Aren't you excited? I would be!


  6. I love how we all have our favorites- and different ones at that!