Monday, September 29, 2008

Have I Been Under a Rock??

How did I miss this?? William Yeoward has a new book coming out at the end of this month (meaning tomorrow!)- William Yeoward on Entertaining. I loved Yeoward's first book Perfect Tables as it has provided me of lots of inspiration for styling my table.

According to the publisher, the book will feature 21 table settings AND menus, including Breakfast for Two and a Boating Lunch. Reminds me of my beloved
Tiffany Gourmet Cookbook and Tiffany Taste from the 1980s!


  1. I have a lot of his crystal. It's just beautiful. I've also been to the shop in London, which I can't wait to get back to! Now I have to get this book - but I probably will have to buy it!!!

  2. Meg- Lucky you. I would love to have some of his stemware. And I've never been to his shop either, although I'll be in London over the holidays so I'll check it out!

  3. This is something I definitely do not want to miss. In a word, William Yeoward is incredible.

    Wasn't there a spread some time ago in one of the shelter magazines where he and Suzanne Rheinstein collaborated on tables? Can't remember which one. That would have been one swell party!

    Will order this (and Perfect Tables -- can't believe I don't own a copy) pronto. Thanks for the heads up.


  4. oh my. perfect book for this time of year!! i'm so excited. running over to amazon now!

    wait, how is it there are already used versions of it?? their loss, my gain : )

  5. Sheila- I think you'll enjoy the Perfect Table book- the photos are gorgeous. Hope the new one is good!

  6. BB8- Well how did that happen? Who cares, you got a deal!

  7. I've been under a rock too - Jennifer - don't forget to scan that article when you have time, ok? thanks! sorry to ask you to do it!!!! this post reminded me!

  8. I adore William Yeoward, I have his other book called Perfect Tables. Thanks for the tip!