Monday, May 23, 2016

Veere Grenney for Schumacher

London-based designer Veere Grenney recently visited Atlanta to introduce his second collection for Schumacher.  While I knew that he was immensely talented (I've long been an admirer of his work), I was delighted to discover that he is immensely charming as well.

Grenney's latest collection of linen fabrics and wallcoverings comes in such a pleasing color palette: soft shades of sage, straw, and lilac, for example, joined by more robust hues of burnt orange, berber brown, and peacock blue.  But, hands down, my favorite color in the collection is Temple Pink, which has to be the most perfect shade of pink.  Not too sweet nor feminine, this mature version of pink also graces the drawing room walls of Grenney's eighteenth-century, Palladian-style temple folly, which has garnered accolades far and wide because of its architecture, its decor, and those splendid Temple Pink drawing room walls.

Equally as enticing are the collection's sophisticated prints.  In a world where screaming for attention has become the norm, it's refreshing to see a collection of small-scaled prints that are subtle yet striking.  But, should you wish to make a bold statement, you can do so thanks to the fact that some of the prints, such as  Belvedere and Kiosk, are available in coordinating fabrics and wallcoverings.

To see the entire range of this collection, please visit the Schumacher website.  And the next time you're in a Schumacher showroom, make sure to peruse the collection in person.  I think you'll be as impressed with it as I am.

Folly linen fabric in Burnt Orange

Folly linen fabric in Temple Pink

Folly wallcovering in Orpington Blue

Temple wallcovering in Berber Brown

Belvedere linen fabric in Peacock Blue

Belvedere wallcovering in Berber Brown

Belvedere wallcovering in Lilac

Berrydown wallcovering in Berber Brown

Burley wallcovering in Peacock Blue

Burley wallcovering in Straw

Ferne Park wallcovering in Sage

Kiosk linen fabric in Orpington Blue

Kiosk linen fabric in Temple Pink

Kiosk wallcovering in Peacock Blue

Pavillion linen fabric in Peacock Blue


  1. Mesmerizing patterns and touching textures. I totally agree with your impression.

  2. Ferne Park in sage is my fave...

  3. I ordered swatches of Veere's 'Folly' print for a chair I need to upholster. It's so hard to find lovely small scale prints, but his are just lovely.

  4. These patterns looks really great - very subtle and delicate :)