Thursday, May 08, 2014

Atelier d'Offard

The other day, I overheard someone declare that wallpaper is coming back. Coming back from where?  Ever since I was a child, I have loved wallpaper, and that love has yet to wane. In fact, one of my frustrations in life is that my apartment doesn't have enough rooms for me to paper. I guess that there could be worse frustrations to have.

Lucky for me, then, that a random internet search led me to the website of Atelier d'Offard, where I proceeded to spend upwards of an hour looking at all of their glorious papers. Atelier d'Offard is a French firm that is based in Tours and led by François-Xavier Richard, who is a painter, sculptor, and engraver. And, if I am comprehending the French text correctly, it seems that many of their designs are based on historic papers, while others are original designs.  One of their designs is the weird yet wonderful monkey and cotton print, which you can see above.  (I have seen plenty of cotton in my day and a few monkeys, too, but never together.)

I curated some of my favorite prints from the site, which you can see below, but if you have time to kill, do visit their website to see the entire collection.


  1. Gorgeous papers. Yes, I always tell my clients-like people-there are good wallpapers and bad ones.

  2. I love wall paper. I went in an abandoned log cabin once and on the only bedroom wall was a very thick wallpaper. They were loved even back then and covered up drafty walls.

  3. Can't beat great wallpaper. Good design is always good design.

  4. Jennifer! This is a wonderful discovery.These papers are Mauny-Nancy McClelland grand. Thank you.

  5. A very impressive selection, Jennifer. I do love gorgeous wallpapers!

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  6. My favorite is that monkey. The marbled paper and the empire style are also fantastic.
    Thank you.

  7. Thank you for the tip, Jennifer! I love wallpaper and try to use it in my designs wherever possible. These examples are wonderful and I shall certainly be visiting the site. The second one down is clever, as it mimicks exactly the eighteenth-century patterns of the embossed velvet used for Louis XV and XVI upholstery, and the marbleized paper is fantastic. I'm already fantasizing about where I could use it. Many thanks again.

  8. Anonymous3:26 PM

    I love this wall paper. Unfortunately there is a ten roll minimum purchase.