Monday, April 14, 2014

What's in Store at Hollyhock

A few weeks ago, I visited one of my favorite shops, Hollyhock, where Suzanne Rheinstein and the Hollyhock gang hosted a book signing party for me.  It was such a treat to see old friends, meet new ones, and peruse- no, make that swoon over- all of Hollyhock's treasures.  The work of Vladimir, Christopher Spitzmiller, Frances Palmer, Livia Cetti, and Scanlon Apparati caught my eye, as did all of the beautiful antiques that look anything but old-fashioned.  (Stay tuned for a future blog post about Scanlon Apparti, a line with which I'm currently obsessed.)  To say that Hollyhock carries the best of the best is an understatement.

I took a few photos to show you what is currently in stock at Hollyhock. To see more of what Hollyhock carries, or to inquire about anything you see here, please visit its website.

Book signing party invitations displayed amongst pieces made by Frances Palmer.

A bookcase filled with decorative paper objects made by the talented Beth Scanlon of Scanlon Apparati

A Scanlon Apparati diorama letter holder with notepads by The Printery

I marveled over these diorama wall hangings by Scanlon Apparti.

Porcelain flowers by the famous Vladimir

A shell pot with mussel lid, one of a pair

This piece has a very interesting provenance. Frances Elkins refashioned a George III japanned dressing mirror (c. 1770) by adding a silvered, carved wood stand and crest to it. The addition dates to the 1930s. This piece once resided in the Ladies Powder Room at the Kersey Coates Reed house, which was one of David Adler's best known houses.

A bevy of blue and white ceramicware

Detail of a charming trompe l'oeil-style table

Yet another charming vignette

A black paper Hollyhock planted in a vintage pot, which was made by artist Livia Cetti

Photos are the copyright of Jennifer Boles for The Peak of Chic


  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    death by fabulous

    alix Jacobs
    haverford pa

  2. loven Scanlon Apparati! + how

  3. Thank you Jennifer for highlighting my work - Scanlon Apparati- in your notes about the beautiful Hollyhock! With Appreciation, Beth Scanlon

    1. Beth, I love your work! Will you email me your email address? Thanks!

  4. Jennifer I have always loved the artists and their wares at Hollyhock. Vladimir, Frances Palmer, those dioramas! Bravo on another great book signing event!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. Jennifer,
    We LOVE it all, and we love you too!

  6. I think I am rather partial to dioramas, and these are, (to use an Americanism), to "die for". I always think it's rather pretty to have a rather interesting picture, (it could be a postcard from the National Gallery of your favourite Old Master), framed in the normal sized, (but beautifully) of say Gainsborough's Mr & Mrs Andrews, or a detail of it, or anything else, don't you think?

  7. Lovely finds! If you ever have moment, I would be flattered if you could visit my Etsy shop, MarieStephensDesign,

    Warmest Regards,


  8. What a great blog! Not enough real antiques for my taste, but then I am an antiques nut, so what do you expect! I just feel that interiors that use and feature antiques with integrity and honesty are just plain better and more satisfying. I always like to say that a home should be furnished with a 'collection of' rather than just an assemblage of antiques and art. A collection implies a degree of connoisseurship, and that usually means that the client will get more pleasure from the objects as they live with them too. ....anyway enough of all that!....... I have to say I too love those dioramas!!

    1. Tim, I think that you make an excellent point. And not only do collectors get more pleasure from the objects with which they live, but they also get to experience the thrill of the hunt. You might enjoy a post that I am planning for next week: what I saw at the Philadelphia Antiques Show.