Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Geoffrey Preston Sculpture and Design

About a month ago, I was searching for something on the internet- for what I can't remember- when I stumbled upon the website of architectural sculptor Geoffrey Preston.  Based in the U.K., Preston's specialty is decorative plasterwork and stucco.  Having previously founded two different conservation practices (it was Preston who restored much of the masterpiece plasterwork at Uppark House,) Preston now runs his own workshop, where he and his band of artists create new plaster and stucco masterpieces for some of England's leading architects and decorators.

Looking through Preston's online portfolio, I was understandably struck by the large examples of his work, such as intricate ceilings and massive wall panels.  But I was equally as taken with his smaller projects, which, despite the fact that they are scaled-down flourishes, make just as much of an impression as their large-scaled brethren do.  A stucco overmantle or a small wall panel doesn't require a large house, only a homeowner who thinks big.

So, for more big inspiration, please visit Preston's website.  His work is truly magnificent.

All photos courtesy of Geoffrey Preston


  1. This is so amazing! I am completely blown away. It always makes me feel so good knowing that there are still artisans out there like Mr Preston who are continuing such traditions in the decorative arts with such passion and creativity. That ceiling with the clouds is incredible! All of it is.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. I know a lot about plaster restoration, but absolutely nothing about new creations in plaster. This is wonderful. The cloud ceiling is so wonderfully modern. That is something you don't see in decorative plaster! Thanks for sharing Jennifer!

  3. just got back from London! jet lagging today. What wonderful new + old plaster & stucco work he does.

  4. Anonymous11:12 PM

    So encouraging! I grew up in a home with magnificent plaster work but I'd trade it for those enchanting mice!

  5. Stunning, classical style!

  6. Wow that is an amazing ceiling in a very classical style. Mr. Preston certainly is a talked artist.

  7. Incredible artistry and craftsmanship.