Friday, November 30, 2012

Tapestries and An Exciting Auction

It's been a busy week, but I didn't want to leave for the weekend without mentioning an exciting upcoming auction. Arader Galleries will be hosting an auction on December 5 that will include such lots as rare maps, atlases, globes, and Audubons. But what I think many of you will be interested in are the pair of exquisite Gobelin tapestries once owned by the great tastemaker, Carlos de Beisteigui, and installed at his Palazzo Labia. If you visit the auction's online catalogue, you can see photos of the tapestries and read more about their provenances. (You can also see one of the tapestries in situ in one of my previous blog posts; click here to read it.)

Tapestries have long been coveted by tastemakers, including the Duchess of Montesquieu-Fezensac (at top), Robert David Lion Gardiner (below), and Harold K. Vanderbilt (at bottom). In each of these Slim Aarons' photos, the tapestries almost upstage the stylish subjects...and that's not an easy thing to do.

For more information on the Arader Galleries/Guernsey's auction, please click here.

All photos from A Wonderful Time: An Intimate Portrait of the Good Life and Slim Aarons: Once Upon A Time.


  1. Wonderful catalogue. It inspires ideas of collecting botanicals...

  2. I have a client who has a delicious looking tapestry! will forwdard this to them.

  3. Wow love all those artworks!

  4. Jennifer, I used a smallish one, in a red Dining Room I decorated here in Naples, many years ago. It still looks great, and relevant to the space, kind of an Anglo-Indian theme to it...I do love the very grand ones seen in european castles, palaces, and chateaux as well, however dear they may be! But not the black velvet ones you see sold on the street in certain cities...LOL

  5. Beautiful the tapestries. Thanks for sharing.