Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Must-Have Accessory

What do you think of when you think of Bill Blass? Peerless style? Swoon-worthy homes? Those architectural models?? Admit it. Who hasn't pined for one of those models that Blass displayed so stylishly in his abodes.

Recently, I was at
Spalding Nix Fine Art where I spied some really good-looking models of staircases, obelisks, and domes. My initial thought of "Oh wow! Antique models" turned to "Oh Lord! Must be out of my budget." Well, not true on either count. Though they look like they could be antiques, they're not. They're new, but you wouldn't know it thanks to their rich patinas. And the price? Very affordable. Nothing is over $390. That fabulous obelisk, above, is a mere $50.

So, if you're ready to start, um, building an architectural model collection, visit Spalding's website or gallery pronto! At the very least, you can peruse the gallery's collection of antique furniture and paintings. Spalding is famous for his discerning eye and his enthusiasm for collecting.

Spalding Nix Fine Art is located at The Galleries of Peachtree Hills, Building 5, Suite 30-A. He can be contacted at (404) 841-7777.

Demi-Dome, 16 by 18 by 9.75 inches, $275

Bell Tower Antica, 34.25 by 13.5 inches, $390

Spiral Staircase, 14.75 by 12.5 inches, $130

Grand Staircase, 19.25in by 12.5 inches, $200

Lighthouse Steps, 23.75 by 6.75 by 4.25 inches, $130

Image at top: Black Obelisk (15.75 by 2.75inches, $50) and Mission Stairs (25.75 by 6.75 inches, $130)


  1. LOVE the lighthouse steps. Well actually they are all gorgeous, but if I had to choose, and these pieces are reasonably priced!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I caught that little joke -building a collection....oy vey!
    I was in Restoration Hardware yesterday and they also have some beautiful wood models for surprisingly low prices. I was so tempted but instead bought a pair of crystal obelisks as they were 75% off!

  3. Jennifer such wonderful collectibles!! I think I will run into Restoration Harddware with Stefan's tip!

    I have a $200 Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!
    Do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  4. This is fabulous!
    love the Lighthouse Steps and the grand Staircase...and....
    Well these in particular! Made a note for Santa!
    Great find PoC!!!

  5. Loving the Grand Staircase ... I wish it was life-size too :)
    The Bell Tower Antica LOVE IT ! what a beautiful addition that would make to any home if it is were also life size .... Thank you for sharing xoxo

  6. The Viscount Linley architectural accessories are fantastic as well. I always enjoy your posts.

  7. I could kiss you for this! I've been collecting obelisks for a friend. I hope it's still available!

  8. A couple of years ago the Cooper-Hewitt in NY had a small show of antique staircase models. It was one of my favorite museum shows ever. I was so disappointed that they didn't have a book!