Friday, December 10, 2010

My Fashionable Holiday Helper

Ask me what a woman wants for the holidays and I can give you a list a mile long. But what to give to a man? Well, my list shortens considerably as I haven't a clue. Thank goodness that I have John Auerbach to turn to for help. Not only is John is a native Atlantan (you knew I had to mention that!), but he is also General Manger of Gilt MAN, having been with Gilt Groupe since the very beginning. Yes, it is John who has helped to make Gilt MAN one of the hottest things on the web. I guess Details magazine agrees since they named him a 2010 Maverick for his work with Gilt.

With street cred like that (or might that be web cred?), John seemed the perfect person to turn to for help in figuring out what men may be pining for this holiday season. And as I suspected they would be, John's holiday gift ideas are both super stylish and super fun too. I may not be able to wear that Martin Greenfield for Gilt suit, but I'd sure be happy with some E. Braun bedding or that Fornasetti incense burner. What about you?

"Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Watch. Audemars Piguet is the oldest, family owned watch company in the world and the Royal Oak Offshore is the hallmark of any great watch collection. Dress it down with a rubber band and you're good to go for a day at the beach or a black tie affair."

"LED book sculptures by artist Airan Kang, available through Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in NYC. With the recent migration to digital books like the Kindle, Kang's pulsating light sculptures are not only beautiful but also provocative statements about the future of the written word."

"Stop counting sheep and start counting thread count with E. Braun's super stylish and indulgent line of bedding. Not only are the sheets beautiful but they hold up incredibly well wash after wash. Go with the Sateen finish for extra comfort."

"Apple iPad (with Gilt Groupe App, of course)! I travel a lot for work and the battery life on this thing is like the energizer bunny! I can check my email, surf the web and watch multiple movies all on one charge. It's also extremely portable and easy to pack. "

"Unleash your inner hippie with the Fornasetti pistol incense burner. Fornasetti's iconic and whimsical designs translate perfectly here, making this wooden box with a decorated ceramic burning tray the chicest way to infuse any environment with a seductive and inviting scent. In a characteristically witty Fornasetti gesture, as the incense stick burns, the ashes fall neatly onto the barrel of the gun."

"A well respected fashion editor once told me that you can always tell a well dressed man by his socks. I couldn't agree more. Nothing expresses individual style as much as a brightly clad ankle. Happy Socks (available on Gilt MAN) are my favorite."

"Stop counting carbs and start counting carbon!! With damage to the environment quickly becoming an irreversible fact, it's important that people try to understand ways to minimize their impact. A big part of this is calculating your personal carbon footprint which is basically the total sum of your carbon producing activities i.e. driving, air travel, household energy use and even food and other products that are shipped long distances to be consumed . Cut back where you can and also investigate purchasing carbon offsets from companies like Patagonia Sur (, who plant trees that sequester carbon naturally thus helping to mitigate the release of CO2 into the environment. Patagonia Sur will even provide geotag coordinates and a google earth link so you can check up on your little forest from the comfort of your home or office. It's a great gift for anyone on your list and for the environment too."

"Martin Greenfield for Gilt. Fashion elite and those in the know have been flocking to Brooklyn Based tailor Martin Greenfield for the last 50+ years, for tailored clothing that promises an impeccable fit and exquisite old world tailoring. In fact Greenfield is responsible for producing many of the best made suits on the market, sold under many of the designer labels you know and love. Recently Greenfield designed a collection just for Gilt – with all of the handwork that he's known for – but at a fraction of the price. The fit is amazing and should be a staple in every man's fashion arsenal. "

"Lanvin Sneakers. Best selection is at the Webster in Miami. They're incredibly comfortable and look good with just about everything."

"Momofuku “Birthday Cake”. For a gastronomic experience beyond compare, this amazing cake, available in the Momofuku bakery in New York City, is nothing short of a diet assasin. Calorie counters enjoy and proceed at your own risk!"

Photo at top courtesy of John Auerbach.


  1. John J Tackett9:11 AM

    Thanks for thinking about your guys!

  2. Fun list for the guys - especially love the socks!!

  3. Great selection. Need to hide this post from my boyfriend...

  4. Tell John thanks for the great list!!

  5. love, love, love Gilt Man!

  6. So happy to see happy socks mentioned -i have in the past month replaced my entire collection of socks with these - 25 pairs! LOL Now everyday is a happy day :-)