Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Budget Living

A few ways to get the look for less (or at least slightly less!):

Luxe: Pair of vintage Mottahedeh urns available at Woodson & Rummerfield's

Budget: Tobacco Leaf Mottahedeh urn at Neiman Marcus

Luxe: "Arles" linen from Robert Kime

Budget: "Mengei" fabric from Buy Fabrics

Luxe: Large Burlwood Bowl from Mecox Gardens

Budget: Burlwood bowls from Anthropologie

Luxe: Jansen brass floor lamp, c. 1950s, from Steven Sclaroff

Budget: "Meurice" brass floor lamp from Jayson Home

Luxe: Chinese Wallpaper Panels from Drum & Company

Budget: Chinoiserie Silk Panels from Source Perrier

Luxe: "Grille Moderne" wallpaper by Studio Printworks

Budget: "Calligraphy Stripe" wallpaper from Ballard Designs


  1. Oh - I love the calligraphy stripe wallpaper! (I love the Arles linen too, but I'm trying to train myself to only covet things I can afford - I don't think it's going to work though, do you?)

    A Year in Marrakech

  2. Sarah- I love that wallpaper too! And I don't think only loving things you can afford is going to work either! I bet it doesn't work for anyone else too! :)

  3. What great finds! First off, I didn't know Ballard Designs sold wallpaper (I'm going to have to check their site out again)...second I love what you found as an alternative to the Robert Kime.


  4. Kate- I know; who would have thought that Ballard sells wallpaper? And I'm glad you like that fabric! Thanks.

  5. I LOVE Tobacco Leaf design and the Burlwood bowls a fantastic!

  6. Great comparisions!!

  7. So clever and resourceful Jennifer! I especially love your Kime sub. BTW: I just added some needlework chinoiserie panels (spotted at Interiors Mkt) to that related post. They look like something you would like :)

  8. Thanks Ronda, Patricia, and Courtney!

  9. I love this kind of comparison! Because my clients often can afford what I cannot, but that doesn't mean I don't crave it! It's nice to know one can get the "look" without breaking the bank!

  10. Those wallpaper panels are divine!

  11. Great post. Gee, this must have taken days to put together. It's so well done and thought out.