Friday, March 30, 2007

Maison Jansen Furniture at Malmaison

Malmaison, the appointment-only antiques shop owned by renowned dealer Roger Prigent, is considered to be one of the finest purveyors of early 20th c. French furniture. Much of Malmaison's wares are available on 1st dibs, and this week's new arrivals feature a bevy of Malmaison's Maison Jansen furniture. Some of the pieces are rather simple (as one recent magazine article stated, Jansen also made furniture for maids rooms), but others are quite spectacular. Here are just a few of Malmaison's offerings.

Pair of Louis XVI style chairs, stamped Jansen

Pair of Crystal and Bronze chandeliers by Jansen, 1940s-50s

Pair of Jansen consoles, circa 1940s

Black Lacquer Louis XVI style writing table by Jansen

Mirrored Three-Panel Screen by Jansen, circa 1940s

Image at top: Mirrored Jansen Dressing Table, circa 1940s


  1. Wow, love that writing table and those chandeliers!

  2. Oh, that Jansen tri-mirror screen is soooo divine!
    Love your finds!

  3. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Going to NYC in July and will definitely stop by Malmaison!

  4. Louise- Would you give us a report once you get back? Sounds like a fun trip!

  5. Terramia- I know, I want that screen! So beautiful!

  6. The mirroed vanity is great, I love the curved mirror panels on the side

  7. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Like many seriously major design firms with massive houses to outfit, Jansen decorated houses soup-to-nuts, by the way, so the maid's room comment was meant re quality-wise also ... just because something is stamped Jansen or attributed to the firm doesn't meant it's top-quality Jansen ... there is B-level Jansen and C-level, depending on the room and use.

  8. Anonymous- Thank you for this clarification. I suppose some people will pay top dollar for anything labeled Jansen, not taking into consideration the quality. Thank you!

  9. Anonymous11:53 AM

    JANSEN ?.... question.....

    Value of 1940's silverleafed with scrolling mirrored symetrical vanity ....inherited from 5th Ave. NYC relative and now downsizing...
    mirrored interior unpatterned ..scallop shell handles
    ...have two other mirrored tables of that era...smoked gold and silvered leafed glass with and without underlying patterns
    absolutely beautiful....very heavy Thank you !

  10. Anonymous- Your pieces sound magnificent! Lucky you! In terms of value, perhaps you could contact Malmaison for an estimate of the value? Also, there is a dealer there in Manhattan- Liz O'Brien- who deals in 1930s/40s furniture. Perhaps she could help. Finally, I would suggest going to 1st dibs ( there are numerous Jansen pieces available, and perhaps you might find something similar to your piece. This could help with an estimate. Hope this helps!