Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dana Gibson for Stroheim

Before we break for the holidays, I want to bring you tidings of a new fabric, trimmings, and wallcovering collection that is full of good cheer. Designed by artist Dana Gibson for Stroheim, the collection's prints are reminiscent of those charming patterns of yesteryear, but thanks to perky colors and a sometimes robust scale, the designs feel both of-the-moment and timeless, too.

Below are a few of my picks from the collection, but you should visit the Stroheim website to see the entire collection. (The trimmings are especially fetching.)

Chintz in Green Grey

Courtesan in Green

Escutcheon in Black

Folly in Pitch

Occidental in Cobalt Blue

Parish Patch in Navy Blue

Priya in Pink Orange

Peony wallcovering in Pink

Taj in Persimmon

Trot wallcovering in Stone

Twig wallcovering in Grass


  1. Loving "Twig" at the moment!! Thanks. Mary

    1. Mary, I agree that Twig is a stand-out print. Happy Holidays!

  2. Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing your favorites from Dana's gorgeous collection for Stroheim. We're so excited about the upcoming launch of a new collection with her! As a new member of the Fabricut family, I'd love to connect any time to keep you updated on the latest products. If you ever need anything from our team, let me know. danica.jones (at) fabricut (dot) com. -Danica

  3. Great Dana's gorgeous collection for Stroheim! This is one of a kind. I would love to see more of your collection! Thank you for sharing