Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Dorothy Draper Fabrics & Wallcoverings

When I published last week's blog post about Dorothy Draper, a number of readers reminded me of the Dorothy Draper Fabrics & Wallcoverings collection, which is sold through a few designer showrooms across the country.  I was familiar with the collection, which I think is absolutely terrific.  But, shame on me, I had never written about it on my blog before.

So, off to the Ainsworth-Noah showroom I went, where the collection is presented with the kind of flair that is fitting for any collection bearing Draper's name.  As might be expected, there are all kinds of robust prints, from big, blooming florals to tropical greenery.  Stripes are a big thing, too, as is bamboo.  But if confident-looking prints aren't your thing, the collection's woven and embroidered fabrics, whose photos don't do them justice, likely will be.  The downside to the collection?  There are so many great fabrics (and wallpapers, too) that making a decision on which one to choose will be difficult at best.

For more information on the collection, please visit the Dorothy Draper Fabrics & Wallcoverings website or contact Ainsworth-Noah or your local showroom.



 Bamboo Roller Blind



 Les Fleures de Toulon

 Small Tobacco Leaf

 Francie & Grover

 Summer Shells

 Woodlawn Strike

And wallpaper too:

All photos copyright of The Peak of Chic/ Jennifer Boles


  1. That's quite an eyeful of fabrics! Wonderful. I especially love the blue and white wallpaper behind the display.

  2. Brazilliance will always be my favorite. Have a great week. xoxo Mary

  3. One can't help but smile when looking at these glorious fabrics!

  4. Alexis Purr2:04 PM

    Très Golden Girls, no? Was that bed on which Blanche pleasured half of Florida covered in Brazilfrance?

    1. No, Blanche's fabric is the one from the Fountain Coffee shop at the Beverly Hills Hotel and called 'Martinique,' available through Hinson & Co. It is similar to Dorothy Draper's Braziliance but lacking the fruit blooms.

    2. Alexis Purr3:11 AM

      On looking at the two side-by-side, Martinique also appears to have a more ivory background, as compared to Brazilfrance, which is more white. The Martinique green is also more muted. Do you have any idea which was "inspired" by the other? I can't imagine that one wasn't based on the other.

    3. As I understand it, Martinique was designed in the early 1940s by Don Loper for the Beverly Hills Hotel, while Draper devised Braziliance for The Greenbrier in the late 1940s.

  5. Dorothy Draperies....sorry, someone had to go there. A big fan of Braziliance as well here.