Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Visit to Furlow Gatewood

This past weekend, I joined sixty-four fellow ICAA members (Institute of Classical Architecture and Art- Southeast Chapter) on a tour of the exceptional houses of Furlow Gatewood, who lives in Americus, Georgia.  The event was the brainchild of Barry Hutner, proprietor of Parc Monceau Antiques, who spent months planning this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  So great was the desire to see Furlow's houses that before an invitation could be sent to ICAA members, the sixty-five coveted tickets were already spoken for.  Considering that these are Furlow Gatewood's houses we are talking about, this enthusiasm came as no surprise.

The weekend festivities began on Friday evening, when Barry hosted a dinner for those of us on the host committee.  At the dinner, both Barry and John Rosselli spoke of Furlow's remarkable life and his passion for design and collecting.  Saturday brought the main event, which began in the Cuthbert House, where Furlow's famous cheese straws and Bloody Marys were served.  (If you read the recently published book on Furlow's houses, then you know that the Cuthbert House is one of four houses on his property.)  The next two hours were spent strolling between houses, with stops made along the way to photograph one of Furlow's many peacocks.

Although this was my second visit to Furlow's, it was no less special than the first visit.  Furlow's collections are so rich and varied that a lot of time is needed to really see everything and to absorb the details in the homes' interiors.  I took some photos, which I have included in this blog post, to give you a glimpse into the sublime homes of Furlow Gatewood.

A big thanks to Barry and Judy Talley, Lynn Amoroso, and Barbara Shelton of ICAA- Southeast Chapter for making this special tour happen.

*If you haven't already done so, you really should purchase a copy of Furlow's book, One Man's Folly: The Exceptional Houses of Furlow Gatewood.  It's magical. Copies can be purchased through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or your local bookstore.


  1. So beautiful --thank you for filling my day with beauty. Mary

  2. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Jennifer, I so envy your visit to Furlow's homes. I purchased his book last year and it is one of my favorites (out of my collection of about 85 design books). His rooms are so warm, cozy and inviting. I never tire of blue and white porcelain and I have quite a collection of it in my home too. His homes are timeless, the way great design is supposed to be.........Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. How nice that you got to see the whole property and experience it all at once. Articles never have the space to do it justice. Can't wait to see the book.

  4. Jennifer,
    I must join the Institute! (FL chapter) I bought the Julia Reed TFG book as a gift for my mother, since she is from a small town in Georgia, near Albany. The self taught architect, Edward Vason Jones, was from Albany - (where I was born and lived until five years of age) and he did a marvelous Greek Revival house there called the Shackleford Home- I always loved riding by it when I was so very young- The preface to the book - where Julia Reed tells about arriving late for dinner, and everyone had very politely waited before starting, pretty much says it all! How wonderful that you've been to see Furlow not once, but twice! He's one of my inspirations! And so are YOU!

  5. What a lovely visit! I was fortunate enough to visit his homes last year when he opened them up to a tour with Georgia Trust. Your photos took me back to that magical day. His homes are truly outstanding and he is so generous to be willing to open them up for our enjoyment! Thank you for sharing

  6. Jennifer Dengel7:53 PM

    Hi Jennifer--thanks for sharing these magical images. I so enjoyed seeing these rooms from your perspective. As to the book, I second your emotion! I read every last word of it and pored over every picture. And I find that I continue to use it as a source of inspiration...So happy you got to visit for a second time.

  7. I want to see the houses so badly. He is such an inspiration. Love your pictures!!

  8. LOVE the pictures! I especially love the rather formal settee made less so with the use of the loose french-tufted bottom cushion. Brilliant!

  9. Beautiful photos, what a wonderful opportunity Jennifer, the spaces are spectacular!