Friday, December 20, 2013

Giving Thanks

In addition to my book signing events that I have mentioned on my blog, I have also been fortunate to be the guest of honor at a few private events, too.  What has impressed me about these events is how creative their hostesses are. 

There was an event in Birmingham last month, which was hosted by Margot Shaw, Karen Carroll, Mary Evelyn McKee, and flower magazine.  The event was held in Mary Evelyn's lovely house, and all of the party's details, from the beautiful letterpress invitations (by Key Circle Press) to the delicious Southern delicacies (catered by Doug Richey) and beautiful flowers (courtesy of Sybil Sylvester), were perfection.   I wish that I had taken photos, but as often happens, I got so swept up with chatting with guests that I forgot to do so!  And by the way, if you've never been to Birmingham, you should do so.  Between its restaurant and design scenes, there is much to see and do!

Another recent event was a luncheon at The Acorn Club in Philadelphia.  Like the Birmingham ladies, the luncheon's hostesses, Dottebob Andes, Alix Jacobs, and Karen Cunningham, outdid themselves.  Take, for example, the whimsical vignettes that Dottebob created for table gifts.  I do have photos of these (see below), and you'll see that Dottebob's whimsies feature various entries from my book.  Can you imagine the time, effort, and creativity that went into these creations?

Now that I'm home for the holidays and have had a little time to reflect on the past few months, I realize how lucky I am to have such kind, generous, and talented friends.  I have also accepted the fact that I have a long way to go before my hostessing skills are on par with these ladies.

Alix Jacobs is a talented decorative painter, who painted the charming little box in this vignette. She also was responsible for making the vases which featured my book's dust jacket. (See below.)

Photos courtesy of Dottebob Andes and Alix Jacobs.


  1. You are blessed to have so many friends in your life.

  2. So creative Jennifer! I love the vase with your book cover!
    The vignettes are amazing!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. so darling! had a root canal this afternoon, saved my new copy of your book for the after party - so enjoying it!