Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stanmore Collection from Travers

Last week, Ainsworth-Noah of Atlanta hosted a cocktail showing of Travers' new fabric collection, Stanmore.  Inspired by an exhibit of Norman Parkinson's fashion photography, Erin Finn, Travers Design Director, used the photos' ornate Indian settings as a starting point for her latest collection.  And indeed, when you look at the new fabrics, you do see the influence of these photos.

What I found to be most striking about the new collection is the starring role that texture plays.  There are embroidered flowers and vases, appliquéd flowers (made from laser-cut petals), and crewelwork that is anything but old-fashioned looking.  One of my favorite prints is Changmai Chine, which is a fresh and lively take on a traditional warp print.  In fact, most of the new fabrics are based on historical fabric styles, but they have been given rejuvenated appearances thanks to updated colors and motifs.

To see these fabrics for yourself, visit Ainsworth-Noah or your local Zimmer-Rohde showroom.

A few of the Norman Parkinson photos that influenced this collection.


Floral Portrait 

Le Toquet 


The four images above show Changmai Chine, which is a beautiful silk warp print.



Stanmore Felt 

Or you could do as Dennis Hunt of Zimmer-Rohde did and have some pants made up of the Coralie print fabric.

All photos are the copyright of Jennifer Boles for The Peak of Chic


  1. I see gorgeous dresses. These are amazing textiles. The minute I glanced at the first photo my heart started beating faster. Thank you!!

  2. A beautiful collection, and a real treat to see the inspiration!

  3. Beautiful! My office needs curtains in grey/blue Changmai Chine.

  4. Beautiful collection. I wonder why the old photos are so elegant and sophisticated.
    But no,I think, nobody can wear such pants and look good. Regards - Sanne

  5. Wow! Always had a thing for Travers...