Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pratesi Cashmere Collection

One of the great little luxuries of life is a pair of cozy house slippers. During fall and winter, I wear nothing but slippers around the house. (Not bedroom slippers or scuffs but rather little slip-on shoes with soft soles.) I recently received an email from Pratesi announcing their new cashmere collection, and what caught my eye above all else? Very chic cashmere house slippers for both men and women. I'm a fan of J. Crew and L.L. Bean slippers, but Pratesi is winning me over with their use of cashmere. And if you're a man, all you need to complete the picture is a smoking hat like those I mentioned a few weeks ago.

There are other items in the collection including cashmere throws, ponchos, bags, and eye masks, all of which make for great holiday gifts. Who doesn't like an indulgent gift every now and then? Personally, I can't imagine anything better than lounging on the sofa under a Pratesi throw while reading a vintage design book.

For more information on the collection or to purchase, please call Pratesi at 1-800-332-6925.

The Aconcagua directly above are for men, while those at top are for women.

Sabrina home shoes for women.

Mens slippers.

Camel toned slippers for women.

Slippers with straps for women.

I'm crazy for these cashmere ponchos. Just the thing to wear when taking Alfie for a quick walk around the block.

Beautiful cashmere throws.

This quilted cashmere and silk blanket might be a nice alternative to the oft-photographed orange Hermes blanket.

The very stylish and practical Pratesi eye mask and matching bag.


  1. These are the best looking house shoes/slippers I have ever seen! Where can one purchase them? In France, we only have the famous "Charentaises", felty comfort, but oh so very folksy

  2. I really want the gray ones. Another thing for Santas list.....

  3. Marnie, So glad you like the slippers! I think that they're fabulous looking and bet they feel good too. I would visit the Pratesi website and contact their customer service to find out where to buy in France.

  4. Jennifer I agree, love soft, comfy for the winter. Gorgeous slippers and I too adore the poncho!

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    Art by Karena

  5. I love the phrase "home shoes". Don't we all need these?

  6. Yes, I think that we all should have some house slippers!

  7. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Just added those slippers and the orange quilt to my Christmas list!
    Thank you Jennifer.

  8. Anon- Hope that Santa brings them to you!

  9. Clint Smith7:50 AM

    Funny enough, i have never been a fan of house shoes. But I recently stayed at the hotel americano in new york and they had the most simple slippers that I cannot bring myself to take off!

  10. Clint, once you get the right pair, you'll never go back to not wearing house shoes :)

  11. I used to have the Loro Piana slippers but they sadly died an unattractive death. Might have to check these out - & love the poncho!

  12. Q- Isn't that poncho beautiful?!