Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tania Vartan

One thing that I have noticed about suffering from information overload is that it really takes something unique and clever to catch my eye. That was certainly the case a few days ago when I first learned of the talented decorative painter Tania Vartan. I'm sure that for many of you, Tania is not a new name. I'm only just learning of her work, but, as they say, better late than never.

Tania started her career in the 1970s as a New York based fashion designer, later moving into the field of decorative painting in the 1980s. As a painter, Tania has executed stunning murals and trompe l'oeil paintings for the likes of Mark Hampton, Mario Buatta, and Lee Radziwill. In addition to mural work, Tania's other mediums include reverse glass painting, small oil paintings, and fabrics. Her fabric collection, available through John Rosselli in New York and George Spencer Designs in the UK, includes many prints that Tania first designed decades ago for her fashion collection. Now, though, they're available as furnishing fabric.

I've included a sampling of Tania's work below, but really, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I encourage you to visit
her website to see more photos of her beautiful work. Tania recently wrote a book chronicling her work as a painter. Tania Vartan, A Memoir of the Decorative Arts 1970 to 2011 is available for purchase through her website as well.

A Robert Adam style ceiling in a private dining room.

Acrylic on canvas panels for a music room in a private house.

Rain Forest, a trompe l'oeil painting by Tania

Baroccoco, another trompe l'oeil painting

Radishes, gold leaf and oil on panel

Study in Brown and Green, oil on canvas

After Leon Bakst, reverse glass painting

Another reverse glass painting

A reverse glass painted mirror

A hand-painted pillow

Tania's fabric collection

All images from Tania Vartan's website.


  1. Stunnng work...we are most taken with that first ceiling! Wow!

  2. Nice post. You should also take a look at Graham Rusts's, The Painted House and the newer, Revisiting The Painted House. Amazing work. Here's a link for the latter one:

  3. Beautiful work....her canvases and reverse painted glass/mirrors take my breath away. So happy you discovered her first so that I too will be on the look out for her work.

  4. Tania is immensely talented. I'm going to her website right now. thanks. Mary

  5. I so need to get this book. Thank you for another great post -- just love your blog. It's a great range of images as well. Love how decorative painting techniques can transcend surfaces so seamlessly.

  6. thanks for featuring Tania Vartan, one of the grande dames of the business and one of the few names I heard when I first started out in the 1980s. am looking forward to seeing her book!

  7. As a decorative painter myself, I am in awe of Tania's work. Fabulous.