Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Swanson Vineyards Part II

After our tasting in Swanson Vineyards' Salon, we headed next door to check out their Sip Shoppe. More casual than the Salon, Sip Shoppe hosts informal tastings amidst shelves and tables stocked with Swanson Vineyards wine and goodies. Thomas Britt also worked his magic here, this time tenting the entire space in bold red and white striped awning canvas. You know how I love a tented room, so to borrow a line from Rachel Zoe, I died. Actually, I think that I died over everything there!

It's all about the stripes.

A menu of tastings.

Shelves filled with Swanson wine.

He couldn't stop me from buying a few bottles of wine.

What a lucky rooster.

Ira Yeager's charming paintings grace the Sip Shoppe too.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of this top hat champagne bucket.

The courtyard makes you think you're in Italy or France.

Actually, forget Italy. Thanks to French crooner Michel and his barrel organ, you definitely feel like you're in France!

All images copyright of Jennifer Boles/ The Peak of Chic


  1. Filled with envy - this spot has been on my list the last couple of years. Looks like a great get away.

  2. Makes me want to move!

  3. It is amazing and I love the decor. Of course Britt is originally from Kansas City, where Mrs B and I reside!


    Art by Karena

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  4. KC certainly turns out a lot of creative people!

  5. That looks like my heaven! The courtyard is divine and I just love the paintings.

  6. Well, I think the red and white stripes gives emphasis on whatever things you put up with them. And what do you call that thing that hangs beside the wine? He seems to be protecting the wines, eh? The interiors are really great.

  7. Anonymous1:43 PM

    We're a little late, but a MILLION thanks for this round up of your visit to the Sip Shoppe. We're thrilled you had such a great time.

    Come back and see us soon!

    Logan @ Swanson Vineyards