Friday, April 08, 2011

Katie Ridder Collection Wallpaper

When Katie Ridder debuted her textile and wallpaper collection a while back, it generated a lot of interest in the blogosphere. No surprise, really, as the charming prints were a breath of fresh air. Didn't we swoon over Attendants with its turbaned men? Well, Katie is back with a new wallpaper collection that is just noteworthy as the last one.

There are a few favorite prints that have been rendered in new colorways, like Attendants which now comes in a metallic background. That's it at top. I bet those men didn't know that they would someday be placed in such a glamorous setting.

Beetlecat now sets sail against a Stone colored sea, one with a few teal waves.

Crane is a new addition to the collection. The regal looking bird is perched on a branch while keeping watch over a basket. Could it be filled with eggs? The print- which is really so beautiful- comes in Sky (soft, smoky blues) and my favorite, Birch.

Life at sea- or rather, in the sea- is captured in Crab. The crustacean and coral print comes in Coral and Fog.

And I've saved my very favorite to last. Is Wave in the Cinnabar colorway not absolutely stunning? I am dying to use this somewhere. Boy, is it good looking.

If you prefer green, Wave also comes in Moss.

Katie's website will be updated soon with these new prints which will also be available in fabrics too. And there are other colorways that are not seen here. The Katie Ridder Collection is available through Holland and Sherry showrooms as well as Harbinger in Los Angeles. I urge you to check out the papers in person; my photos don't do them justice!


  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Love love love! She's one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing!! Joanna

  2. Anonymous9:50 AM

    I am taking the plunge and putting up wallpaper in a guest room. It will be the first wallpaper in the house ever! I have been pouring over Katie's work and am so excited to see the new designs!

  3. These are absolutely beautiful! I especially love the "Attendants" with its turbaned men. Wish I my powder room needed new wallpaper. Will keep these in mind for future projects.

  4. Wow... the crane patterned paper is amazing!

  5. I just love her charming papers. They are elegant but with a somewhat whimsical quality that makes them so enchanting!

  6. I absolutely loved her design for the Country Living house in NYC last year - she did a stunning kitchen and living area with a red and white wallpaper that covered the ceilings as well - I look forward to seeing her designs on her website!

  7. Why is this the first I've heard of these fantastic papers! That crane pattern needs to be in my bathroom right now. And I wouldn't mind papering my pantry with the Wave in Cinnabar (agreed - stunning!).

    Thanks for showing me my brand new favorite wallpaper!

  8. Thank you for sharing! I am a huge Katie Ridder fan!! her style is so fresh and what a great use of color!
    xo allison

  9. These are great. The second would go wonderfully in a kid room. Crane is nice as well.

  10. She is one of my favorite designers! Love her textile and wallpaper collections too. The Crane is my favorite...


  11. These are really great looking wallpaper designs. Similar to UK designer Georgia Horton wallpaper from Are the Kate Rider wallpapers available in the uk?

  12. Samantha- I'm assuming that you could find them at the Holland and Sherry showroom in the UK.