Monday, March 07, 2011

A Sneak Peek into Lyford Cay Club

Wow! Have you seen the April issue of Town & Country yet? The photos of Tom Scheerer's handiwork at Lyford Cay Club are absolutely terrific. See the Club's living room above? Those painted palm trees are twenty feet tall! The decor has that timeless, old school resort look to it that never goes out of style. Then again, I might be partial to old school as the waiter at my neighborhood restaurant recently accused me of only ordering the old school items on the menu. (In case you're wondering, that would be lasagna.) At any rate, if you haven't read the article yet, do so as soon as you get your hands on a copy. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Photo courtesy of Town & Country, Pieter Estersohn photographer.


  1. Reminds me of Dorothy Draper in a different colorway. I think Lulu DK had photos of the resort on her blog awhile back....

  2. I love it all, the walls, and especially the comfy slipcovered upholstery.

  3. J,

    Pink with brown is ultra chic!


  4. Lyford Cay deserves this amazing make well done for the bliss of this place.

  5. Chic, chic and more chic. Is there anyone better than Tom Scheerer? I think not.

  6. 17 years ago; or something like husband surprised me for my birthday and took me to meet our three daughters and their husbands.......(before any of the 7 grandchildren were born) to the Lyford Cay Club.

    Now that is so elegant. There is this huge living room......50 by 30 or even bigger?
    while everyone else was out swimming and lying in the sand....and whatever.,,,,,

    I was in this room drawing the floor plan! I still have it!

    the most brilliant use of space..........cozy for two or three hundred! I was just sure that Sister Parish had done it.....(I still don't know who did it) It was completely timeless.....just as divine today as it was all those years ago.....

    I can't wait for my Town and see Tom Scheerer's touches........

    I wonder if the furniture is still arranged the same way.?

    Wonderful post! Thanks!!!