Thursday, October 14, 2010

Books for a Bad Day

Last week was one of those weeks. You know the kind; they go from bad to worse. When I found myself playing Morrissey on my ipod one too many times, I realized that it was time to, in the words of Cher, "Snap out of it!" But how? Well, a few fun books always help, so that was the first course of action. (By the way, see Morrissey there at top? I totally know how he feels.)

Thank goodness for Rebecca Moses new book, A Life of Style. When you're blue, this is the kind of book you need to read. Fashion designer Moses is a natural to write a book about style, or rather, a life of style. Her charming watercolors illustrate Moses' thoughts on Style DNA, Playing the Color Cards, Scent, Crystal Chandeliers, and everything else under the stylish sun. Speaking of scent, Moses writes "Scent can send a bad mood running." I think the same thing could be said about her book, too.

Then it was on to shoes. Manolos, that is. Of course, what would really help me add a little spring to my step would be a new pair of Manolos. Alas, not this week. But the second best thing might be Manolo's New Shoes. Again, another book filled with wonderful illustrations, only this time depicting Blahnik's most fanciful creations. The only problem was that I realized that this baby needs a new pair of shoes.

I was feeling immensely better. But books alone don't banish the blues or even the mean reds. It takes a few other things, like candles. My new favorite ones are by Matouk. They smell divine, but I'm not sure what I like more- the scent or the packaging. Burn one, or a few, of these and, as Rebecca Moses said, it will send your bad mood running.

And of course, looking at this little guy on his brand new bed makes me very happy. It was a gift from Chelsea and Sabina at Fleabag Bed, and it's perfect for the both of us. Alfie likes it because it's comfy, and I like the glam metallic silver print fabric.

Wow, I feel like a new woman!

(Moses images from A Life of Style: Fashion, Home, Entertaining ; Manolo drawings from Manolo's New Shoes)


  1. There is nothing like getting your mind into Fashion, it's a cure for most things. See pretty,look pretty
    and live pretty.

    Great post.


  2. Hope your day is better tommorrow. Lovely ideas though.

  3. Very good ways to cheer up....I love those illustrations....xv

  4. I love The Guest From Hell, by Alistair Sampson, illustrated by Annie Tempest. It makes me laugh out loud.

  5. I love Rebecca Moses - her whole story is so very Under the Tuscan Sun. I remember the beautiful Pineider lifestyle collection she did - and the fabulous store - I think it was in Milan - whatever happened with all that? And didn't know about the Matouk scents - look lovely - and agree about the packaging - fabulous! Stop by and see another fun book to "snap you out of it"!

  6. Alfie looks so handsome on his new bed. What would we do without our four-footed pals? Glad that you have perked up.

  7. The illustrations are delightful, but Sir Alfie has my heart. Love the way he looks back at you. I DO think he could model!

  8. these illustrations are beautiful and inspiring. i must grab a copy of the books. your candles are so stylish too as are your doggie beds.

  9. looks like a fun, chase the blues away book - illustrations remind me of maira kalman - just made a reminder to buy it for someone for Christmas

  10. Jennifer, a most adorable book.The illustrations and color make you happy at once. Of course I adore candles and my Miss belle by my side!

    I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site....Come and enter!!

    Art by Karena

  11. Well, first, I must get that book...and second, your dog is adorable!! My friend in England just picked out the same little dog and alas, Lucy will be coming home to them in 3 weeks...beautiful little canines!! :))

  12. Alfie can't take a bad picture! So cute.