Thursday, August 05, 2010

Suzanne Tucker Home

Suzanne Tucker is on fire right now! First, there was her recently published book, Rooms to Remember: The Classic Interiors of Suzanne Tucker. (The images above are all from the book.) Reading it is pure escapism. I want to crawl right into the book and settle into one of the featured homes. Even better, I want to live in one of these bedrooms; they're so luxurious that I would end up spending the entire day in one conducting business and taking my meals. Oh well, I can fantasize, can't I?

Suzanne has also launched
Suzanne Tucker Home, a line that currently includes fabric, although tabletop, furniture, and lighting is planned for the near future. What struck me is how sophisticated these fabrics are. There are traditional silks, brocades, and damasks as well as cotton and linen, but rather than being boring, there is a richness and complexity to the fabrics that I find really appealing. These are refined fabrics, a nice shift from the cute and kicky fabrics that we've seen so much of lately. Of course, the fact that they're inspired by document prints and antique textiles makes me like them that much more. OK, so enough about why I like the line. Take a look at just a few of her fabrics.

(To see the entire fabric line, visit
Suzanne Tucker Home. Fabric can be purchased through Holland & Sherry showrooms as well as Shears & Window in San Francisco and Thomas Lavin in Los Angeles.)

Top left: "Botanique" linen in Lapis; inspired by 18th c. Anglo-Indian prints. Top right: "Hatley" linen in Azure; adapted from an English document print c. 1830. Bottom: Cotton "Peacock Toile" in Cerulean; based on a 19th c. French toile.

Top left: "Sherri", a silk, cotton, and viscose brocade, in Turquoise; inspired by an 18th c. document. Top right: "Brighton Bizarre" in Golden; a truly stunning silk brocade. Bottom: Silk "Pagoda" in Coral; inspiration came from an 18th c. English watered silk.

Top row: Linen "Kiku" in Jade and Aubergine; according to the website, this was "reinterpreted from an 19th c. Japanese futon cover." Bottom: "Olivier" in Marigold; this print came from an 18th c. French Oberkampf Foulard.

(Room images from Rooms to Remember: The Classic Interiors of Suzanne Tucker. Fabric photos by Jennifer Boles)


  1. Got sick of "cute kicky fabrics" when I was 20. Love these.

  2. Everything is perfect, but I think that the mirrored vanity area is over-the-top beautiful!
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  3. I got my start at Tucker & Marks and thank my lucky stars for Suzanne's generosity every day. She is such an inspiration---the beautiful rooms speak for themselves! So glad you're a fan, Jennifer.

    xx Katie

  4. Thanks Jennifer. So nice to read about the talented Suzanne, one of San Francisco's finest. I agree her rooms are so inviting, and her fabrics are beautiful. She so wonderfully utilized them in this year's Decorator Showcase in San Francisco where she created a fabulous dining room that was welcoming, functional and interesting.

    I covered it for Reside if any one is interested.



  5. Beautiful fabric-definitely a cut above what we have been seeing lately. My favorite object: the early 18th c. chinoiserie toilet mirror with its original mirror plate. Once again, thanks for the heads up. Mary

  6. I'm swooning over that Linen "Kiku."

  7. I love this post, esp. the top blue & yellow room. Thanks, Jennifer!

  8. these fabric designs are them.Love the peacock design