Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dempsey & Carroll Tablets

Remember how we all lamented the loss of those fabulous Mrs. Strong house tablets? Well, if you're down to the last few sheets as I am, don't distress. Dempsey & Carroll has recently introduced a whole line of tablets in two different sizes. The tablets come in two different sizes and bear gorgeous engraved motifs like pineapples, airplanes, elephants, and crescent moons. My personal stationery is from Dempsey & Carroll, and the quality is really fantastic.

Off to order a few tablets for my home!

Petite Eiffel Tower Tablet

Petite Elephant Tablet

Golden Pineapple Tablet

Image at top: Petite Tablets Deluxe Gift Set


  1. Jennifer,

    Love these. Perfect for your home or a gift. Thanks for the post.

    Ragland Hill Social

  2. These are lovely, Jennifer. Perfect gift idea!

  3. As much as we all miss...Mrs strong. These cards are simply perfect. An order on the way. ~maureen

  4. I'm always a sucker for quality stationary. These are so fun - thanks for the tip!

  5. I can never get enough of beautiful stationery, much like these. Perfect holiday gift!Running over to order right now!

  6. Those are so beautiful. I adore the Eiffel Tower!!