Monday, October 05, 2009

Jaime Hayon for Baccarat

Owen Lawrence hosted a party last week in honor of Spanish artist Jaime Hayon's Crystal Candy Set collection for Baccarat. Hayon's work is always vibrant, whimsical, and a bit fantastical, so it's no surprise that these candy jars, part of a very limited edition collection, are no ordinary candy dishes. I just don't see filling them with peanut m&m's, although I suppose you could.

I find it refreshing to see companies like Baccarat and Lladro (another line for which Hayon designed a collection) commissioning young, quirky designers to create pieces that might entice a younger generation into collecting crystal or porcelain. These old line firms may not survive if they rely solely on their traditional, bread and butter client base (I think quite a few of us, myself included, fall into the latter). Anyway, enough of the pontificating. On to the photos of the collection:

After Nine

Harcourt Lolly on the left and Lucky Green at right

Pina Passion Vase

Jelly Copper

And, because I love a beautifully set table, I couldn't resist a few snaps of Fio Pichardo's handiwork:

To inquire about the Hayon for Baccarat collection or any other Baccarat pieces you see in the photos, contact Owen Lawrence at (800) 499-3607.

(The image at top was taken from Hayon's website.)


  1. beautiful and dream-like....thank you for sharing

  2. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Owen Lawrence is just divine. They consistently showcase beautiful pieces of luxury and the team is always so knowledgeable about their product. Definitely worth a special trip to Atlanta!