Monday, November 05, 2007

Decorating Dilemma

It can be a challenge to figure out what to put in a hallway or entryway. Consoles are always a great option- they tend not to take up too much room, and it's a perfect place on which to display an objet d'art, a small cluster of flowers, or a tray for keys and other detritus. But once you've chosen a console, then you've got to figure out what to place on the wall above the console. Artwork? A mirror? And what size? What a design dilemma!

An easy solution is to find a console/mirror set such as the ones I'm showing here. The scale of the two pieces match, which only leaves you with having to decide what to place on the console. If this is all a bit too matchy for some of you, you can always throw the whole look off kilter with a quirky sculpture or bibelot.

Italian polychrome mirror and console, c. 1950s, from Dragonette Limited

Wall console & mirror, c. 1950s, from Chapman Radcliff

French metal mirror and console, c. 1940s, from Ellen Ward Scarborough Antiques

Art Moderne console and mirror, French, c. 1940s, available at Retro-Modern

French console and mirror, c. 1950s, at Retro-Modern

Image at top: Italian Neoclassical Style mirror and console from Coup d'Etat Antique & Decoration


  1. You're right, these are way too match-y match-y for me! That said, the first one is the best and you could put a basket underneath the console for firewood, paper recycling, or muddy boots, or place a sculpture à la David Hicks/Albert Hadley. Oh, and is there a better catch all tray than a decoupage dish from John Derian?

  2. Mister- I think placing a sculpture under the console would look fantastic, and yes, I agree about the John Derian trays. The problem for me would be which tray to choose!

  3. I think my favorite is the combo from Coup d'Etat. But I like the Chapman Radcliff pieces too. Love all the suggestions for breaking it up with art/accessories.

  4. You're right consoles are perfect for a hallway or entry! I have to agree with Courtney that I love the Chapman Radcliff piece.


  5. I agree with you two (Courtney and Kate)- it's a great, feminine, and frilly console/mirror!

  6. These are all great - I must have a mirror. Does that make me vain? Just one more check before the guests arrive.

  7. Patricia- Of course not! You have to make sure you don't have lipstick on your teeth :)

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