Friday, September 14, 2007

Design Weakness- Prints

As I've mentioned before (perhaps to ad nauseam), my weakness is for prints. Sometimes I think that I've never met a print that I didn't like, although in actuality there are a lot of ugly prints out there too and I definitely don't like those! My problem is that there is never enough room in which to use all of these printed wallpapers and fabrics that I like. Yes, you can mix and match prints but you have to have a trained eye, and to be honest, I'm not quite there yet. So, in the meantime, I just collect photos of these prints and hope that one day I will be able to use them somewhere.

Here are a few of my current favorites. What are yours???

Mauny "Draperie Marie Louise" wallpaper. I love this trompe l'oeil design.

"Castiglione" fabric from the Madeleine Castaing Collection

"Oasis" fabric by Scalamandre

"O'Marra" fabric by Scalamandre. I think I'm drawn to the color combination here.

Zuber wallpaper, no. 30023- another glorious trompe l'oeil print. Notice a theme here?!

Image at top: A home designed by Diamond Baratta. Very disparate prints used in this room, but the color scheme ties them all together and creates some harmony.


  1. I love prints too, but am so fearful of commitment--and my taste is constantly changing from all of this exposure to new and pretty things. At this point, I pretty much stick to throw pillows. One of these days I am going to just go for it.

  2. Anonymous10:31 AM

    I love that first picture. A designer has to have a lot of talent to make all the different patterns work! Very cool!

  3. The Zubber wallpaper is my favorite , but I love also and this is funny the Madeleine castaing fabric , I wanted to write a post about her fabrics , they are sold now in France by Pansu and the collection is wonderful . I will write about her

  4. I love the Zuber at the bottom! I think it would look great in greys.!

  5. As much as I love prints, I've been hesitant to use them in my own apartment but I was thinking about redecorating soon and mixing things up. I just saw a zig zag print that Steven Gambrel used on Mrs. Blandings blog that I may have to find. I think I mostly loved it because it reminded me of Missoni!

  6. Brilliant- I understand your point, but I say go for it!!

  7. Sonciary- It certainly does take talent and a good eye to mix so many different patterns!

    Melanie- Please do a post on Castaing. She's one of my favorites!

  8. Fairfax- If I'm not mistaken it does come in grey. Or is that the Rose Cumming one?

  9. Habitually Chic- I love that print- yes, very Missoni. :)

  10. Anonymous1:43 PM

    I knew that first photo was Diamond Baratta! Their rooms are so recognizable don't you think? Obviously they are very talented but I sometimes wonder how their clients can sublimate their own tastes to that of the designer.
    I would LOVE to have a top interior designer give me input but it would have to be a collaboration so that I still felt that it was my home and my tastes. What do you think?

  11. Three people come to mind that know how to mix prints, a lot of prints and do it correctly:

    Lynn von Kersting
    Mario Buatta
    Charles Faudree

    I swear, those people can mix it all up and make it look beautiful -it's a real art! God, Lynn is a genius at it, don't you think?

    I love that Oasis by Scalamandre fabric, I've never saw that.

  12. I couldn't agree with you more Jennifer, I am a sucker for all prints it would seem...from toile to geometric. Great post!!


  13. Anonymous- I think DB rooms are very identifiable as they are quite bold in their use of prints and esp. color! It seems that there are some designers (top ones included) who are thrilled to have clients who have strong opinions or who want a collaborative effort. I think it's very important to live in a house that's YOU, so I would find a designer who's willing to work with you. Good luck!

  14. Joni- You listed three masters of mixing prints! They make it look quite easy, but in reality it is quite difficult (as we all know!).

  15. Kate- Glad you're back up and running!

  16. Thank you PoC there needs to be a rebirth of pattern. The Zuber does come in grey - just used it in a powder-room. Gorgeous!
    I still love Colefax, Bennnison, and Ramm. Though I am thinking of doing my own garden in hell using Clarence House's Indiene - I know it is too much, just wonder if it is enough.

  17. Obviously, I love the B&F "le Lac" as it is hanging in all it's chinoiserie glory in my living room. You know what print I have always loved and never used - the Canovas over sized print -is it on linen - with the big vines and melons - it gets me every time. And the Clarence House vases.

  18. HoB&C-Oh you must do that! How decadent. And if you do you have got to post it on your blog!

  19. Patricia- I believe that Canovas fabric has been used for pillows in the Joe Nye designed apt above!

  20. I would have to say that Zuber print is my pick of the bunch. I, like a lot of others it seems, am a bit fearful of commiting to a print or pattern because my tastes change so often. I see so many wonderful things that I literally come home each day wanting to re-decorate. And as that would kill my husband, and our budget, it ain't going to happen. So I tend to be a bit on the safe side (boring, I know) and bring pattern in with cushions and other accessories.

  21. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I love the paisley from Scalamandre - it would make
    a beautiful library- especially a honey colored panelled one- book shleves backs lacqured in the red and trimmed with nail heads and leather on front of shelf edge
    Years ago I was lucky enough to have two mentors-
    Barbara Howar and Liz Guest - who taught me how to
    mix different paisleys together for a marvelous warm result-
    The large scale Canovas makes a marvelous room when it is used on both walls and curtains- what a statement- i love the tomatoe color way- can really improve a room of brown furniture


  22. Barbara- Wow! All of your suggestions sound fantastic. Great idea about the library :)

  23. "I've never SAW that!!!" omg, what an idiot!!! Nope, I've never saw that. still.

    Jennifer, can you fix that typo for me? to "I've never SEEN that."

    I just be kidding, of course.

  24. Joni- You are funny! We knew what you done meant! ;)