Monday, February 12, 2007

Classic Carpet

Have you ever noticed that there are design elements that pop up over and over in interior decoration? Certain books ("Cabinet of Natural Curiosities" and "Best of Flair" ), fabrics (Lulu DK's "Chant" and Clarence House's "Tigre Velours") and furniture (Frances Elkin's Loop Chairs and Billy Baldwin slipper chairs) have all joined the pantheon of classic design.

There are also classic carpet patterns, too, that are favored by many decorators. One such pattern (and also one of my favorites) is "Antelope" by Stark Carpet. The combination of the subtle animal print and the neutral colors makes it a winner. Todd Alexander Romano learned about the pattern from C.Z. Guest, who told him it was perfect for hiding muddy paw prints.

Room by Todd Alexander Romano

Room by Jan Showers

Leopard print carpet is another classic. Stark makes a great one, although other carpet companies have leopard prints as well. Makes me think of Elsie de Wolfe!

Worn leopard print in C.Z. Guest's estate.

And finally, no post about carpet would be complete without including David Hick's designs (such as those at top). These geometric prints have graced many a floor and are always the focal point of a room.

David Hicks rug in a Steven Gambrel room


  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Seems like I have finally found someone after my own heart. So glad that you love H & G. So, do I. What a gorgeous lot of photos you share here...

  2. Vanessa- Thanks for the kind comment. I love H&G and look forward to receiving it every month!

  3. The entire Hicks family is so interesting... I love some of David's designs. Some others can look dated in the old photos, but would look current in a new setting.

  4. We are often on the same wave length! I love that room by Todd A Romano, as well as the Gambrel living room -- both are in my inspiration notebook. And in the post below, that chocolate brown bedroom -- another favorite!

  5. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I like the last photo, the oclors are great and it gave me an idea to use a thin slab of black granite on top of an "X" table base. I have a faux bamboo one that I haven't been able to use because I can't find a tray large enough -- have had it in storage for years. This is a great solution! Thanks for posting such great rooms!

  6. Anonymous1:32 AM

    I had forgotten about "Antelope" by Stark. How great to have such a chic carpet that will hide our best friend's paw prints too!

  7. Fairfax- I agree. Sometimes those Hicks print rugs look a little too mod (for today's tastes) in the old photos!

  8. Style Court- I love Todd Romano's work so much. Too bad he doesn't have a website!

  9. Louise- Glad the Gambrel table inspired you to create your own!

  10. Laura- That print is a great solution for pet owners. Takes the stress level down a bit!

  11. oooh. the antelope is my favorite. i have that page torn out and taped in my special book (as opposed to my stacks and stacks of other special but not THE special books......i bet you know how it goes!)

  12. Anonymous11:00 AM

    These are great---thanks so much for scanning them!

  13. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Any chance you know where the desk came from in the Jan Sommers pic? I would love to duplicate antelope and desk in my library

  14. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Love the Stark antelope carpet, how much does that run per square foot?

  15. This comment is a little belated, but can you identify where the desk is from in the 2nd photo? thank you!

    1. Amanda, I'm afraid I don't know, but since it's featured in the Jan Showers book, perhaps it may mention the source?