Monday, September 22, 2008

What's In Their Library: James Andrew

I'm sure many of you remember James Andrew's fabulous apartment that was featured a few years back in Elle Decor. First, there were the references to iconic designers of twentieth century design (the Billy Baldwin dog painting, Frances Elkins loop chairs, and a footstool of Elsie de Wolfe). And then there was that library!! James has quite an impressive collection of books. So how could I not ask James what his favorite designs books are?

After an early career in finance, James decided to pursue his first love- interior design. Working first for Ralph Lauren Home and later for Parish-Hadley (Albert Hadley has been both mentor and friend to James), he decided to strike out on his own in 2000. And ever since then, James has been decorating from coast to coast and continent to continent. Recently, James was described by Stella magazine as being an "updated David Hicks". I'd say that is quite a compliment, don't you?

(James just informed me that he has started a new blog entitled What is James Wearing - a site where James shares his enthusiasm for all things sartorial as well as his thoughts on design. I think you will find that James has an extensive wardrobe and takes great delight in choosing his outfits!)

1) Parish-Hadley: Sixty Years of American Design by Christopher Petkanas

2) Albert Hadley: The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer by Adam Lewis

3) Dupré Lafon- décorateur des millionaires by Thierry Couvrat Desvergnes

4) David Hicks on Home Decoration by who else? David Hicks.

) Frances Elkins: Interior Design by Stephen Salny

6) In the Pink: Dorothy Draper- America's Most Fabulous Decorator by Carlton Varney.

7) Horst Interiors by Barbara Plumb

8) Nancy Lancaster: English Country House Style by Martin Wood

9) Chateau de Groussay auction catalogue- Sotheby's (if you can find this for volume catalogue, I'd suggest you grab it!)


  1. I absolutely do remember it, and if anyone can tell me where to source the holographic wallpaper he used on the dining room ceiling I'll be forever grateful!

    Great list too, a couple there I've been meaning to buy for ages!

  2. I loved the colors in the apartment when I first spotted it in Elle Decor. As for the books, it's fascinating to see common threads among all of these tastemakers you feature. Great post.

  3. Great selections. It's interesting to see that the overlap in many of the designers is the David Hicks book.

  4. Freddy Victoria2:58 PM

    Great write up on a very talented designer!

  5. did you ever find out if his painting was the one that had been in lars bolander's shop, and who the artist was?

  6. what is the painting over his sofa?

    great choices in books. finally read the N.L. book and loved it. Maybe I'll tackle the Elkins book next. the Horst book is great. great list!


  7. That painting over the sofa...surely it's a copy of a copy? Those 18th century hounds certainly got around! Billy B gave his original to Woodson Taulbee if I recall correctly, and soon afterwards one began to see tame versions of it in various interiors. Never looked as well, however, as it did hanging in Billy's East Side apartment.

  8. I have two of these books! How very chic of me!


  9. Loving James Andrews is as easy as being enamored by David Hicks works. Thanks for his blog link! Count me in as an admirer.

  10. I love these posts! I am very into books and it's interesting to see what other designers are out there reading!

  11. hi jennifer: he's incredible...and i'm crazy about your What's In Their Library series! it's a favourite : )

  12. Dean Farris3:58 PM

    I met James about four years ago at Albert's cottage in Naples (Fla)- He is a great guy, and very low key, anyone would be fortunate to call him a friend ! Dean Farris, Naples

  13. Dean- I have yet to meet James in person, but I agree that he seems like a great guy! (And lucky you to have been invited to Albert's Naples cottage!!!)

  14. I know...they are both amazing men. Check out my new blog at